About our excursions

Spend a day island hopping amongst some of the most beautiful beaches in the world

Experienced crew

Thew crew on board Palau Catamaran Excursions are very experienced. They grew up amongst these islands and have been sailing since they were children. They know the National Park inside out and they will take you to the best beaches in the Archipelago.

More space!

We are the only sailing catamaran to do excursions in the National Park of la Maddalena. Compared to a normal sailing boat there is a lot more space for tanning, relaxing, eating, and anything else you want to do!

Food and drinks included

Our tours include all food and drinks throughout the day. Being at sea is tiring business, and we don't want you to get hungry! Throughout the day you will receive a morning "aperitivo", lunch, an afternoon snack and drinks.